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I wish I was still here :(
(@ Park City)

I wish I was still here :(

(@ Park City)

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Old: Marketing
New: Product (Product Management plus User Experience Design), a Peer to Technology and Marketing


Old: MBA
New: Computer Science or User Experience Design

Spends Days:

Old: Writing Requirements Documents
New: Product Discovery / Pursuing Minimum Viable Product

Learns About Customer Behavior:

Old: With Focus Groups
New: With User Testing and A/B Testing

Makes Case For Project Funding Based On:

Old: A Business Case
New: Customer and Product Discovery


Old: The Wall Street Journal
New: TechCrunch and GigaOM

Deep Knowledge In:

Old: How To Use Excel
New: His Customers


Old: To Be The Boss
New: To Apply Technology To Solve Problems

Sits With:

Old: “The Business”
New: His Product Team (Designers and Developers)

When Things Don’t Go Well:

Old: He Blames The Developers
New: He Blames Himself

Strives To Please:

Old: His Stakeholders
New: His Customers (because he’s learned that’s the only way to really please the stakeholders)

Makes Decisions Based On:

Old: Opinions
New: Data

Communicates With Stakeholders:

Old: With PowerPoint
New: With Prototypes


Old: Believes His Ideas Are Great
New: Knows At Least Half of Ideas Won’t Work

Worries About:

Old: His Competitors
New: Taking Care Of His Customers

Secret Weapon:

Old: Killer Features
New: User Experience

Strives To Create:

Old: Profit
New: Value (because it’s the best path to sustained profits)

This last point may not be so obvious to people and it is the subject of an upcoming article.

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Sometimes The Star. Beautiful animation.